LordZocks began with a vision, energy, and ambition to create high quality products that would allow a modern gentleman to show his personality and make a fashion statement. As a gentleman who enjoys dressing formally and wearing suits everyday, what I was wearing did not particularly reflect my individual sense of style. 

Late 2015, I began developing ideas and exploring colors, patterns, and designs that I wanted to see and wear. After one year of researching, designing, and looking for the right suppliers; the first collection was finally produced. Looking back to the start, I was quite naive since I was not a designer, just a gentleman who loved making bold fashion statements. 

LordZocks was established to enhance style, confidence, and to transform any attire into a daring fashion statement through colorful, yet professional and stylish socks for the modern gentleman. Too often, socks are overlooked in fashion, but I believe that stylish socks have the ability to enhance any look. Style is about taking risks and exuding pride and confidence. 

LordZocks was founded for you to “Be Bold, Be Different, Be Powerful’. To make powerful first impressions and leave a footprint behind that no one can match.

Lord Z